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Abyssian Chronicles

A Fantasy Coming-of-Age Series

The Abyssian Chronicles are a 4-book dark fantasy series about Vorath, a teen who is forced to leave his home and family to become a soldier in the Abyssian army. He is sent to the front lines of a war against the evil necromancers of the Shadowlands.

Abyssia I: Shadowfall book cover

Abyssia I: Shadowfall

Vorath, a young knight-in-training, is terrified of battle and reluctant to hurt others. But when a massive army of men and monsters invades his magical homeland of Abyssia, he must rise to the occasion to protect those he loves. As he battles impossible odds and uncovers secrets of the past, Vorath discovers his own strength and bravery in a world filled with danger and intrigue.
Abyssia II: Frostfire book cover

Abyssia II: Frostfire

Vorath's spirit remains scarred from his previous battles as the Dark Lord hatches a plot to conquer the Upper Valley. Faced with his fears and fighting for the people he loves, Vorath must navigate a world filled with danger and intrigue. This epic coming-of-age tale is filled with magic, romance, and heart-pounding action.
Abyssia III: Gravethorn book cover

Abyssia III: Gravethorn

Vorath is caught in the middle of a war between the gods, armed with truths he wishes he didn't know. As he struggles to protect his loved ones in a world torn apart by conflict, Vorath's too-gentle heart is put to the ultimate test. Will he have what it takes to survive in this epic tale of magic, betrayal, and sacrifice?
Abyssia IV: Fury's Blaze book cover

Abyssia IV: Fury's Blaze

As the Abyssian War nears its end, Vorath and his companions have dealt a crippling blow to the Dark Lord's forces. But the journey home is far from easy, as they must confront not only their enemy in a final, epic battle, but also their own nation, which is divided and uncertain. Vorath, torn between his duty and his compassion, must decide whether to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop darkness from consuming the world. This thrilling conclusion to the Abyssia series is filled with heart-pounding action, powerful themes, and unforgettable characters.
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Fried Chicken Frenzy

A collection of humorous and surreal sci-fi and fantasy short stories about everyone's favorite finger-licking good food.

Bite-sized fiction

Short stories for busy people

Don't have time to read a novel? Our short stories and novellas are the perfect way to get your fiction fix. Read a story in a single sitting, or save it for later.

Necronaut book cover


Embark on a perilous journey through the treacherous seas of fate in Necronaut. As humanity travels between the stars in search of fortune, death looms around every corner, threatening to consume those who dare to venture too far. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding, page-turning experience as a ship of the dead travels through the darkest corners of space.

Necropolis book cover


Necropolis is a dystopian horror story where an undead ruler dominates the land. Against her, a rebellion has risen, people fighting against the current order willing to commit the greatest evils in their attempts to win. Thrown into this fight is a young woman named Toma, winning impossible battles thanks to a combination of courage and a destiny she does not want to serve.

Fire and Shadows: A Thief's Tale book cover

Fire and Shadows: A Thief's Tale

Follow skilled thief and fire magic wielder Inga as he ventures into the treacherous undercity to retrieve a wealthy lord's missing son. As Inga navigates the dangerous twists and turns of the undercity, he quickly discovers that there is much more at stake than just a missing person. Caught up in a web of intrigue that threatens the foundations of the mighty city state of Aldrin, Inga must use all his skills to survive and uncover the truth.

The Powder Mage book cover

The Powder Mage

An action-packed gunpowder fantasy adventure set in a world of magic, firearms, and dueling. Follow the story of Amra, a skilled gunman, as he navigates the dangerous world of card games and rivalries in a new city. When his opponents accuse him of cheating and plot to kill him, Amra must rely on his wits and low magic talent to survive.

The Greatest Cheese in the Whole World book cover

The Greatest Cheese in the Whole World

Two cheese connoisseurs set out on a pilgrimage to Switzerland in search of Vacherin Mont d’Ciel, supposedly the greatest cheese in the world.