We’re a Gold Sponsor of Multiple Template Engines for Django


One of the most common components in Django that is replaced by alternatives is templates. The reason is either or both performance and design related. While there are numerous template bridge libraries to support the use of Jinja2, Mako, and other template languages in Django, there is not a standard API. This is unfortunate, because one of the virtues of using Django is that we can share our efforts across third-party libraries.

Fortunately, Django core developer, Aymeric Augustin has started a crowdfunding campaign to create first-class support for third-party template engines in Django. We’re excited!

Two Scoops Press is proud to be a gold sponsor for Django core developer Aymeric Augustin’s Multiple Template Engines for Django campaign on Indiegogo.

This is the last day of the campaign, so now’s your chance to show support as well.

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