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Welcome to the latest news about Two Scoops Press, PyDanny (Daniel Roy Greenfeld), and Audrey Roy Greenfeld (audreyr).

Two Scoops of Django 1.8 Early Release Is Out

The impossible has happened. We've decided to revise, update, and expand Two Scoops of Django for the Django 1.8 Long Term Support release. Today you can purchase the early release PDF. In mid to late May, we plan to release the print paperback version.

Two Scoops of Django 1.8 Early Release PDF in our shop

If you have any questions, please read the Two Scoops of Django FAQ.

Into the Brambles Is Out

In case you missed the news, Daniel's first fiction book is now out on Amazon. It's a dark epic fantasy novel titled Into the Brambles about the adventures of two brothers who grow apart, a goblin who rises to be king, and a noble woman who makes her own destiny. 

You can read more about Into the Brambles on Daniel's fiction blog.

2014-2015 Python/Django Community Efforts

Here's a recap of our volunteer work.

Open Source

A number of the open-source projects that we maintain have reached important milestones.

  • Cookiecutter, the popular cross-platform project templating tool created by Audrey, had its 1.0.0 release not too long ago.
  • cookiecutter-django, a Cookiecutter template for Django, now supports Django 1.8. It comes with scripts for local installation of dependencies, as well as detailed instructions on deploying to Heroku or Docker instances.
  • cached-property, a decorator for caching properties in classes, now provides a normal thread-safe decorators with time-to-expire options.
  • dj-stripe, which makes Django + Stripe easy, is surging ahead in features and ease of use. The formal 0.4.0 release brings it up to speed with the current Stripe API.

Talks Given

  • Wharton Web Conference, at the Wharton School of Business: PyDanny gave a talk about building scalable, maintainable architecture.
  • PyDay Mendoza, in Mendoza, Argentina: PyDanny gave a talk similar to his Wharton talk, but tailored toward a mixed audience of students and professionals.
  • Buenos Aires Python/Django Meetup: PyDanny gave a talk about technical debt and Cookiecutter.
  • Python Brasil: Keynote address by PyDanny gave a revised, more technical talk about building scalable, maintainable architecture.
  • PyCon Argentina: PyDanny and Audrey gave a talk about writing libraries, Cookiecutter, and putting your open source out into the world.

Local Outreach

  • LA Django: PyDanny and Audrey have been hosting Django community dinners
  • San Diego Intro to Python: PyDanny and Audrey prepared and taught this free workshop in collaboration with SD Python/Pyladies
  • Inland Empire Pyladies: Audrey and PyDanny have been hosting free monthly study sessions and workshops
  • Burbank Pyladies: Audrey gave a 2-hour talk about beginning to advanced code reuse tricks


We donated books to DjangoGirls, DjangoCon Europe, PythonBrasil, Kiwi PyCon, PyCon Poland, PyGotham, PyCon Philippines, PyCon Namibia, and Pyladies.

We were a Gold Level Sponsor for Aymeric Augustin's Multiple Template Engines for Django Kickstarter.

We supported Django development by donating to the Django fellowship program.

We also just signed up to be ongoing Patreon supporters of DjangoGirls.

In the Works

Upcoming Books

Follow us on Twitter for updates on:

  • The print edition of Two Scoops of Django 1.8 will hopefully be out by mid to late May.
  • Daniel is 2/3 of the way through writing Trapped in the Brambles, the sequel to Into the Brambles.
  • Audrey hopes to finally pick up where she left off with Orange Pulp, her book of graphic art about oranges in random odd situations.
  • We also hope to write a new reference book. Maybe.

DjangoGirls Ensenada and Inland Empire

On May 23rd, we are going to speak and help with the DjangoGirls Ensenada workshop. In addition to being excited about our first DjangoGirls event, we are just happy to have another reason to visit the lovely nation of Mexico.

Additionally, we have early plans in the works to co-host a combined Inland Empire DjangoGirls+RailsGirls outreach workshop, similar to Perth{web}Girls.

Life Stuff

Yesterday we celebrated our 1 year, 4 month wedding anniversary. Or, as we like to call it, our 16th Monthiversary.

What do we do for fun? Well, we play miniature golf with other Southern California-based Django/fiction book authors, specifically our friends Marty and Angel Alchin.

When the weather is warm enough, we also like to go to coffee shops that have outdoor patios and work on either our books or open source projects. We love the heat and can't wait for the blistering days of summer.

Finally, Daniel is doing 100 Days of Cartwheels, and Audrey is doing 100 Days of Watercolor. We fell behind over the past few days but will try catch up this week.

Thanks for reading, 

Daniel and Audrey Roy Greenfeld

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