All Pre-Orders Have Been Shipped

books Django Django 1.8 packaging shipping Two Scoops of Django

We shipped all pre-ordered copies of Two Scoops of Django 1.8 on either Thursday, June 4 or Friday, June 5.

When Will Mine Arrive?

For details on when your book will arrive, check your tracking number, which you should have received via email.

Packing the Orders

On Wednesday, we received a huge delivery of books to our home. It was supposed to come on Friday, giving us the weekend to package our shipments. But it came two days early.

We ended up staying up very late Wednesday and Thursday night to sign and package them.

After signing each book, we shrinkwrapped and then packed it very carefully, to minimize the risk of damage in transit.

On Saturday, June 7, we saw the first tweet about a book shipped directly from us!


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