Our Transition to Multiple Publishing Imprints Under the Roy Greenfeld Umbrella

Starting today, we're going to be using different imprints for different types of books. 

We'll continue to publish our Two Scoops of Django books under the Two Scoops Press imprint. We may publish other technical books under this imprint in the future as well.

We're moving our fantasy books to a new imprint. We just came up with it a few hours ago. Impossible Hero Books will be the imprint we use to publish all fantasy books from now on. We'll be republishing our past fantasy books under this imprint. That effort will include revising those books and producing new covers. We're excited about this new brand.

We're also going to be publishing children's books, apps, and physical products under the Fuzzy Rainbow brand. Years ago, Audrey created this imprint and published a children's book with it. We're going to be republishing that book and its corresponding mobile app. We have other children's books and products in the works too.

We've decided to call our main umbrella brand Roy Greenfeld. (Honestly, we didn't know what else to call it. :)

Roy Greenfeld will be our main company, with Two Scoops Press, Fuzzy Rainbow, and Impossible Hero Books as imprints that we use for different book genres.

Our online store is moving from twoscoopspress.com to roygreenfeld.com. This will make it possible for us to offer books from all of our imprints and genres in one unified store.

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