We've released a new Python book!

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That's right, we've released Practical Python Projects, a book of twelve bite-sized weekend projects to enhance your Python knowledge! And the first 25 people to use code "ppp-feldroy-blog" will get 15% off the purchase price!

Practical Python Projects is a book authored by Yasoob Khalid. 

We've admired Yasoob's code and writing for years. The level of his work is set at the level of quality the Feldroy team constantly strive to meet. In fact, you can read for free Yasoob's popular and free first book, Intermediate Python.

This book does more than just walk readers through code, it teaches how the research was done for each project. Building off this research, each chapter ends with a "next steps" section guiding  the reader towards making the project unique to themselves.

Want to know what we think of Practical Python Projects?

"A favorite way to for developers to grow their programming skills is by building small practical projects. Yasoob's book embraces this idea, taking the reader on a tour of over a dozen projects, reinforcing research and coding skills along the way. His technical acumen combines with unbridled enthusiasm to make for a delightful and informative book."

-- Daniel Feldroy, co-author of Two Scoops of Django

The first 25 people to use this code will get 15% off: ppp-feldroy-blog



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