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Ambria 2: Brightest Winter

Ambria 2: Brightest Winter

Can friendships and family ties survive the truth?

259 Pages

Vetch managed to escape the Lower Valley, but not without cost. His physical injuries are healed by magic, but the wounds to his spirit remain. His hidden cowardice is now compounded by guilt over what he was forced to do to survive.

While Vetch struggles with romantic and family conflicts, the enemy hasn't been idle. Tapping into mystical powers beyond comprehension, the Dark Lord has hatched a plot to conquer the Upper Valley.

Can a young warrior with a too-gentle heart survive? The adventure continues in Book Two of this epic coming-of-age series.

All the Books in the Epic Fantasy Ambria Series

  1. Darkest Autumn
  2. Brightest Winter
  3. Coldest Spring
  4. Deadliest Summer

Category: fiction