Ambria 1: Darkest Autumn
Ambria 1: Darkest Autumn
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Ambria 1: Darkest Autumn

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304 Pages

Heroes are supposed to be brave, aren't they?

Vetch is training to be a knight in a magical world. But he’s afraid of battle and reluctant to hurt others. He’s kept his fears from his friends, but he knows at some point he’ll be revealed for the coward he is. 

Led by a sorcerer, a massive army of men and monsters attack Vetch’s homeland, the land of Ambria. With no idea how far the enemy’s power extends, Vetch struggles against impossible odds to keep himself and those he cares about safe.

In an epic tale of intrigue, magic, love, monsters, and Greek myth, can a sixteen-year-old warrior with a too-gentle heart survive?

All the Books in the Epic Fantasy Ambria Series

  1. Darkest Autumn
  2. Brightest Winter
  3. Coldest Spring
  4. Deadliest Summer 

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