The Magical Butterfly: A Tale of Metamorphosis
The Magical Butterfly: A Tale of Metamorphosis
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The Magical Butterfly: A Tale of Metamorphosis

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How do caterpillars turn into butterflies? This picture book written and illustrated by Audrey Feldroy explores the life cycle of one of nature's most magical creatures: the cute, crawly caterpillar who magically transforms into a butterfly.

This book uses real scientific terms: specifically, the words larva, pupa, and chrysalis are woven into the story. Teaching children the correct scientific terminology challenges them and provides for solid learning foundations.

The story begins with a colorful butterfly who lays twelve tiny eggs on a plant. The eggs hatch, and twelve larvae, or baby caterpillars, crawl out and explore the world. The caterpillars eat every leaf in sight, molt a few times, and scare off a hungry bird by clicking and secreting a poisonous liquid. Then, they magically transform into chrysalises.

Finally, twelve beautiful butterflies emerge and fill the world with colorful enchantment. Illustrated in bold rainbow colors and filled with cute, whimsical detail, this rhyming tale brings science to life in a fun, delightful way.

Choosing Between Editions

The Second Edition E-Book is the latest and greatest version of this book currently available. It is in beta, which means you have the opportunity to submit feedback on the book before the final printing. You will receive updated copies of the e-book files if corrections are made.

The Second Edition Paperback Pre-Order and Second Edition Hardcover Pre-Order will ship in summer of 2020. 

The Autographed First Edition Paperback was titled "A Very Magical Caterpillar Tale: The Story of the Butterfly Life Cycle." You'll get one of the remaining out-of-print copies of the book left over from our original 2010 printing. We're clearing them out to make space for the new edition. Warning: they have a page at the end showing children's software and apps that are no longer available. This is a collector's copy rather than something suitable for children, since children may ask for those out-of-publication apps and get confused. This is the only edition that ships autographed.

If you're considering a print copy as a gift for children, we highly recommend the Second Edition Hardcover Pre-Order.

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