About Us

Feldroy is a small publishing house in the United States and home to the Two Scoops Press, Fuzzy Rainbow, and Impossible Hero Books publishing imprints.
How to Contact Us
The best way to reach us is email:
hi <at> feldroy {dot} com

The Team

We invite you to get to know the team behind Feldroy:


Audrey and Daniel Feldroy

We’re Audrey and Daniel Feldroy, the CEO and COO/President of the Feldroy company. We've written 6 technical books, 7 fiction books, 3 children's books, and more. 

Uma Feldroy

Even though she can't read yet, Uma is Beta Tester of our children's books. She was born in 2019. We're so proud of her. Here she is in her floral dinosaur onesie enjoying Joshua Tree National Park with us. She's our biggest inspiration. 

Our baby whom we adore and can't stop talking about.