We're offering our last live, online class of Django Best Practices the Two Scoops Way. This is a fully interactive class conducted via Zoom conferencing software. Daniel is going to dive deep into Django and Python. He's going to turn on the firehose of knowledge. Best of all, this is a live event. That means attendees can ask questions and are encouraged to do so.

Material covered includes everything from code architecture to model design to API development to bottleneck analysis to user accessibility and much more. This is not a beginner tutorial, it is meant for developers who have begun to create real projects with Django.


  • The course starts at 9 AM PST (4 PM UTC) and ends seven (7) hours later
  • There will be an hour long break for lunch and short breaks every hour.
  • This event is live and won't be recorded.
  • This is your one and only chance to take this live class with Daniel Feldroy.

Class prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of the Python programming language
  • A bit Django experience (Doesn't have to be much).
  • A device capable of running the Zoom meeting software.
  • Internet fast enough to join online meetings

Students are encouraged to ask questions, hence space is limited so all topics can be covered.

Use code "ICECREAM" during checkout to get $50 off.

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