Two Scoops of Django 1.5 FAQ

Is there a newer edition of Two Scoops?

The 1.6 edition is available. Please read the Two Scoops of Django 1.6 FAQ.

We're also working in the 1.8 edition.

What does buying the 1.5 edition of the ebook bundle get me?

The ebook bundle comes with PDF, Kindle, and ePub versions of the book.

Is this book good for beginners?

The response from beginning Django developers reading it has been unbelievably, overwhelmingly positive. This is the book we wanted to have when we learned Django, and we're honored by the response the book has received.

Since the book isn't a tutorial, we ask that before beginners purchase it, they learn the fundamentals of Python and take the official Django tutorial.

When beginners find sections of the book above their head, they do what everyone does when reading a technical reference: skip over challenging sections until they have enough grounding to understand.

If any beginners are confused by our explanations, or have difficulties, please submit an issue. We'll do our best to answer your questions. Your issues provide invaluable insight into what we need to improve.

Is this book good for experienced developers?

We've done our best to provide worthwhile material for developers of all levels. In fact, a lot of intermediate to advanced developers have said they've found good things to use in our book. Many have also found that by using our book as a supplementary manual, it helps them their team work better.


Where can I get a print version of 1.5?

The print version is available on Amazon. It went live on April 17th, 2013. 

You can purchase the book in book, as described in the next FAQ item.

Can we purchase the print edition in bulk?

At the bulk order page of the Two Scoops Press Store, we handle large orders, selling our book at a discounted rate. In addition to a discounted rate, bulk orders get free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Can I buy the book via Bitcoin?

Absolutely. If you wish to purchase the book via Bitcoin, please visit the Two Scoops of Django's page at the Two Scoops Press Store.

Can I buy the ebook via PayPal?

No. Daniel answered in full here.

What tools did you use to write the book?

Short answer: LaTeX, Python, Kindlegen, and Calibre.

Long answer: Daniel answered in full here

Known Issues


There are problems with copy/pasting of code from the PDF. The current build process is turning the code examples into some sort of image type of object, which explains the strange characters.

Considering the limitations of Kindle and ePub, copy/paste from those formats is as good as we can make it.

PDF on Android and iPhone

Because of the limitations of the Kindle and ePub formats, the PDF version of the book is simply much more attractive. If you like, you can read the PDF version of the book on the Android and iPhone.