Two Scoops of Django 1.6 Errata

This is the errata page for Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.6. Each one of these items was reported by readers and then confirmed by the authors. We then used a script to pull the confirmed issues here.

This is a work in progress. We'll be updating this page to make it easier to reference.

  • #37 Page 190: Missing space in section 15.3.3

    Reported: 2014-02-19T02:27:06Z by: whoshuu

    There should be a space after the first sentence. The first two sentences read:

    > "The teams behind Google Search and other search engines are very well aware of the growing use of single page apps.In theory some of them are already searching through content rendered by client-side JavaScript."

    They should be:

    > "The teams behind Google Search and other search engines are very well aware of the growing use of single page apps. In theory some of them are already searching through content rendered by client-side JavaScript."
  • #36 Page 183: Missing word?

    Reported: 2014-02-19T02:00:52Z by: bmoresbest55

    > "It's good practice to abbreviate the urls of your with the version number e.g..."

    I believe the word "app" or "project" should go there?

    > "It's good practice to abbreviate the urls of your #MISSING WORD# with the version number e.g..."

    @pydanny note: Occurs in section 14.3.5
  • #35 Text styles

    Reported: 2014-02-19T00:23:20Z by: kennethlove

    Again, a wide-ranging issue, but, only reading up to section 2.2 (and doing vanity skims), I've noticed that you're not consistently constant-width-ing things like `loaddata`, `dumpdata` or package names (e.g. `django-braces` in some places and "django-braces") in others.

    Hobgoblin alert.
  • #34 "open source" vs "open-source"

    Reported: 2014-02-19T00:20:23Z by: kennethlove

    Be consistent throughout the book.
  • #29 Page 107: grammar problem in docstring

    Reported: 2014-02-13T04:26:00Z by: eliben

    One of the docstrings on page 107 (section 9.4.4) says:

    """Returns a dictionary numbers of likes"""

    Looks like some word was forgotten or added by mistake
  • #27 Page 83: bug in code sample

    Reported: 2014-02-13T02:22:28Z by: eliben

    Page 83, Section 7.3 the topmost code block says:

    class TasteListView(DetailView):

    class TasteDetailView(ListView):

    This looks like a bug (or at best, super confusing).
  • #26 Page 29: Grammar

    Reported: 2014-02-12T19:44:10Z by: bmoresbest55

    I think that there is a problem with "...given project in available in its...", maybe it should be "...given project available in its..." instead?

    > INSTALLED_APPS is the list of Django apps used by a given project in available in its INSTALLED_APPS settings.

    @pydanny note: This is on page 29, beginning of chapter 4
  • #25 Page 86: grammar / typo "we've" should be "we"

    Reported: 2014-02-12T11:26:46Z by: knitatoms

    > Now that we've understand how

    should be

    > Now that we understand how

    note by @pydanny: This occurs on Page 86, in section 7.4.
  • #24 Page 43: mentions section 32 (?)

    Reported: 2014-02-12T05:00:21Z by: eliben

    The "TIP: " box on page 43 (section 5.3), mentions "section 32, '12 Factor-Style Settings'". I don't think I see any section numbered 32 in the book.

    note by @pydanny: This refers to Appendix E, which without masking shows up as `section 32`.
  • #23 Page 40: table 5.2 spills over from page 39

    Reported: 2014-02-12T03:27:59Z by: eliben

    Looking at the top of page 40, the table (5.2) spills over from the previous page, with an unsightly black bar that doesn't add any information.
  • #22 Page xxxvii under "Our Writing Concepts"

    Reported: 2014-02-11T23:06:48Z by: bmoresbest55

    In the paragraph, the last sentence reads as follows, "...To do that, we following the following concepts." A simple typo.
  • #20 page 404: Index items bleed into right column

    Reported: 2014-02-11T11:02:59Z by: bronsen

    Entries for "django.core.serializers.json.DjangoJSONEncoder, 322" and "django.utils.encoding.python_2_unicode_compatible. 207, 398" bleed from left column into right column.

    The former bleeds between "execfile(), 280" and "Explicit Relative Imports, 4-7"; the latter over "Function-BAsed Views, 73, [and so fort]"

    Page numbers are broken correctly.
  • #19 Grammar problem on page xxxiii

    Reported: 2014-02-11T02:22:59Z by: eliben

    The first sentence of the "Before you begin" section says:

    "If you are new to Django, this book will be helpful large parts will be challenging for you."

    Looks like some kind of forgotten edit :-)
  • #18 python pickle is insecure link is broken

    Reported: 2014-02-10T15:37:06Z by: pydanny

    Reported by @kracekumar:

    > I was reading 21st chapter of two scoops of django. url is broken, basically it is redirecting to her linkedin profile. The url is present in 21.9.2 Python Standard Library Modules That Can Execute Code.
  • #17 Page 296: missing word

    Reported: 2014-02-10T02:44:22Z by: wsvincent

    "Second, and this might be unpleasant to hear, but malignant staff **can as** many problems as any bug or penetration staff."

    Missing word, maybe you mean "cause" so "**can cause as** many...?"
  • #16 Page 268 typo: "books" should be "book"

    Reported: 2014-02-10T01:36:37Z by: wsvincent

    "As this is outside the scope of this book, we recommend the following **books** by MySQL experts to help you:"

    Only 1 book listed, so should be "book."
  • #15 Page 90 typo

    Reported: 2014-02-09T14:56:22Z by: wsvincent

    "Sometimes we need a one-off views that do tiny things."

    1) Delete the "**a**" above.


    2) "Sometimes we need a one-off **view** that **does** tiny things."
  • #13 Page 72 typo: "show" instead of "shown"

    Reported: 2014-02-08T18:30:47Z by: wsvincent

    "By setting it to True as **show** above, all requests are wrapped..."

    Should be "**shown**" instead.
  • #12 Page 69 typo: "it's" instead of "its"

    Reported: 2014-02-08T18:19:51Z by: wsvincent

    "The truth is that, as of this writing, is trying to migrate **it's** database-as-file-store system..."

    Should be **its**.
  • #11 Page 380: misspelling of Harry Percival's name

    Reported: 2014-02-08T15:28:51Z by: wsvincent

    "Harry **Percieval's** book is a great way to revisit..."

    Should be "Percival's" minus the "e."
  • #10 Page 356 possible typo: Using 2013 instead of 2014

    Reported: 2014-02-08T15:22:24Z by: wsvincent

    "As of January **2013**, still warns that it is under heavy development, and not for production."

    I think you mean "2014" as per this blog post, they state that until version 1.0 comes out, it's not ready for production:
  • #9 Page 349 typo: "it's" instead of "its"

    Reported: 2014-02-08T15:17:23Z by: wsvincent

    "Fabric and **it's** Python 3-friendly..."

    Should be "its."
  • #8 Page 343 typo: "it's" instead of "its"

    Reported: 2014-02-08T15:14:34Z by: wsvincent

    "For what it's worth...includes a in **it's** config/ directory"

    Should be "its."
  • #6 Missing word on page 72

    Reported: 2014-02-08T14:38:56Z by: erikr

    The last paragraph on page 72 says

    > Another to remember when using ATOMIC_REQUESTS,…

    I imagine that should be

    > Another thing to remember when using ATOMIC_REQUESTS...
  • #5 Page 330 typo: "it's" instead of "its"

    Reported: 2014-02-07T23:48:43Z by: wsvincent

    Top of the page, in the first sentence:
    "Heroku...well known for **it's** documentation and add-ons...."