Two Scoops of Django 1.6 FAQ

Where can I buy Two Scoops of Django 1.6?

You can get it here. You might want to wait as Two Scoops of Django 1.8 will be out sometime in April 2015.

What about updates for Django 1.7 or 1.8?

Two Scoops of Django 1.8 will be out sometime in April 2015.

What formats is the 1.6 edition available in?

The book has been released in print format only. We've decided on this because:

  • The print version of Two Scoops of Django 1.5 has been by far the most popular version of the book with readers, selling several times more than the e-books. In addition, the feedback we've gotten has been that technical books are generally better to have in print than as an ebook.
  • Creating and proofing each ebook format is not a trivial effort. It involves reformatting every code sample to work on every ebook reader, accounting for differences in screen contrast, accessibility testing, and proofreading the text and code samples several times on each device. Instead of spending our time struggling with reformatting, we're choosing to focus on improving the technical material.
  • Considering that we publicly offered a free electronic copy of the 1.5 edition to those who requested it, seeing piracy of the electronic editions from the first day of sales has been disheartening. As indie authors, it hurts to see this happening.

So, you're just trying to stop piracy?

No. Please go back and re-read. You're misinterpreting the above.

We were so burnt out after working on the 1.6 edition that we couldn't bring ourselves to do an ebook version this time. Last time, working on the ebook was soul-crushing, and it was not worth the effort.

We're still recovering from burnout. We are behind on work, and Audrey is fighting severe repetitive strain injury that causes her arms to feel like they are constantly on fire. We're also behind on our open source projects.

With all of this, it has been hard for us to commit to ebook formatting. We might try in the future, but no guarantees. The reality is that it would take 2 months, given the length and complexity of the 1.6 edition.

Here's why: releasing PDF-only will result in a deluge of angry emails about the accessibility problems and lack of other formats like last time, and to do Kindle/EPUB, it involves completely rewriting all code samples to 39-char width (and make them pass the tests) to work in all ebook readers. With Python's whitespace, you get horrible wraparound banding, and with long names like IceCreamCreateView, this is hard. We also have to reformat all the tables into lists because older readers display tables poorly. And we have to read the book over and over, forwards and backwards, in every Kindle, including the oldest ones, and in other ebook readers. This is all very stressful. Don't believe us? Try working in a 39-char wide editor window for the next 2 months to feel just a little bit of our pain.

Why do we feel we need do this? It's because poorly formatted Python books are not only unusable, but also full of incorrect code. Would you be happy with a book with messed-up formatting?

Considering the lackluster sales of the Kindle and ePub editions, to do all of this soul-crushing work is hard to justify.

We tried to be completely transparent about it with the community in our FAQ, but our honesty has made it worse. We've been misinterpreted, as if we're doing paper-only to prevent piracy. No. To correct misinterpretations: what we meant above was that the comments like "Don't buy it, pirate it instead!" are disheartening and depressing. It's hard to justify spending time working on something depressing when we could be doing other things.

What type of print format?

The book is available in both softcover and hardcover formats.

We're especially proud of the hardcover, as it's both beautiful and durable. The print run is very small, so get yours before it's too late!

Help! I live in a country where shipping from Amazon is prohibitively expensive!

We recognize that this is a big problem for many of our readers. We care very much about our international readers and are currently working to:

  • Find reliable local printers who are willing to print the book on demand and ship locally.
  • If no suitable print-on-demand options exist, find reliable fulfillment warehouses around the world that are able to ship the book at local shipping rates. In many cases we will need to find fulfillment warehouses that are willing to handle small quantities.

Global accessibility to knowledge is very important to us, so please be assured that we feel your pain and are working to improve this. If you live in a country where the book is unavailable, we would appreciate any tips about reliable local print-on-demand options and local fulfillment centers.

We now have a locally-printed India Edition and are hoping to do similar for a few other countries/regions with large Python user bases. We wanted to do this last time but could only handle so much. Our upcoming India Edition has been a dream for us and gives us great pride because Audrey's father is from India.

In the meantime, we offer a bulk option with free shipping (and 20% off) for orders with 15 or more US Edition book orders.

Can you tell me more about the India Edition?

The India Edition is printed in India, but is available internationally.

Content: Besides the addition of 'India Edition' in the footer and slightly larger margins for note-taking, the content is identical to the US edition.

Printing: Our Indian printer, Pothi, has outdone themselves. We have extremely high standards and proudly say it's a BETTER printing than the US edition. The paper feels good in the hand. In fact, it's such an amazing book that we've made it available worldwide. It's just that good. We appreciate Pothi's service and attention to detail, and hope to use them for other future projects.

Pricing: Unlike the average India Edition technical book, this book is HUGE. It's actually larger than our laptops. The increased margins make it much easier to take notes, as requested by readers. While it actually costs us significantly more to produce than our US edition, we've priced it at Rs. 1299.

The US edition, on the left, is 7.5x9.25 inches. The India edition, on the right, is sized A4, which is about 8.3x11.7 inches. The US edition is slightly thicker, but not dramatically so. The cover of the India Edition has more vibrant color (admittedly slightly rumpled thanks to the clumsy hands of the male co-author). The SD memory card and garlic clove are for scale.

Purchasing: Purchase links to the India Edition can be found on the Two Scoops of Django 1.6 page.

How is the 1.6 edition different from 1.5?

Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for 1.6 is a greatly expanded version of the previous book. We received mountains of feedback from readers in the form of emails containing tips, suggestions, ideas, questions, differences of opinion, and more. As a result of incorporating all of the feedback, the book has exploded in size, going from 310 pages to 446 pages.

In addition to the revisions to existing material, the book includes 6 new chapters and 3 appendices covering areas such as function-based views, consuming REST APIs, much more detail about deployment, continuous integration, i18n, new settings/dependency/config management strategies, Python 3, and much more.

We would like to emphasize that this is not just a quick update. Take a look at the change list and you'll see that updating the book has been a monumental effort. You will see the difference if you choose to get the 1.6 edition, and it will be worth it.

How much does the 1.6 edition cost?

The US edition of the book sells at $44.95. The India edition is available for 1299 Indian Rupees.

If I bought the 1.5 edition, will I get a discount on the 1.6 edition?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer upgrade discounts. This is due to the following:

  • The sheer amount of work that it has taken to update and revise the book. We have had to take significant time off from consulting in order to get the 1.6 edition done on time. The effort involved in putting together the 1.6 edition is equivalent to a whole new book in itself.
  • The inability to offer discounts to specific readers on print books through Offering discounts would require us to manually coordinate payment and ship books one at a time, which is impractical.
  • We need to be able to cover our costs for printing a significantly larger book, and for working with multiple printers and fulfillment warehouses around the world in small quantities. We have been shouldering quite a bit of financial risk with international logistics and wholesale printing orders.

What about errata?

The official Two Scoops of Django 1.6 errata page is where we'll be listing corrections and clarifications.

Can you add me to the mailing list?

Yes! Sign up for the Two Scoops Press mailing list in the footer of this page!

I thought the 1.6 edition was a complete success. What are the references to hatred/harassment that you've mentioned?

We've received quite a bit of demanding, angry harassment entirely from non-buyers in the form of emails, malicious posts on Reddit and our Facebook page, etc. We have been told by fellow developers that not only are we greedy and anti-open source, but that they plan to ruin us and drive us into the ground. It's been more than a few odd comments: it's been a deluge that keeps us up all night. It has left us tearful.

Again, these messages are from non-purchasers. Anyone who has actually bought the 1.6 edition is invariably thrilled and got their money's worth. We have also received a lot of positive, encouraging responses which have meant the world to us. They really have. They are what keeps us going, and they bring us strength.

The truth is that publishing doesn't even bring in enough money to pay for basic living expenses, that we have contributed to open source almost 4,000 times over the past year and volunteered extensively in the community, and that there's no way to ruin us because the 1.6 edition's high quality, attention to detail, and over-the-top thoughtfulness stands for itself.