Two Scoops of Django 1.8 FAQ

What formats?

Two Scoops of Django 1.8 is now out in PDF and print paperback formats. You can order the both versions right now.

There won't be Kindle/epub versions. (It's just too much work to reformat all the code samples to 39-character width.)

Why the new version?

We changed our minds for many reasons. The main reason was to support Django 1.8, a long-term support release, by popular request from readers.

What about Django 1.9, 2.0, etc.?

Django 1.8 is a long-term support (LTS) release, making this book current for approximately 2.5 years. We won't consider another edition until the next Django LTS (1.11) version is due, which is in late 2017. 

How big is Two Scoops of Django 1.8?

The 1.8 edition added over 85 pages of new/revised material compared to the previous edition. We're at 531 pages, and that's with us streamlining as much as we could. 

How much does cost?

  • PDF $39.95
  • Print $44.95 (We kept it the same price as 1.6)
  • Print/PDF bundle $59.95
  • Bulk orders of 15+: 20% off + free shipping anywhere in the world

Why so expensive?

At the price we're selling 531 pages of Two Scoops of Django 1.8, you are getting an amazing bargain. Let's compare Two Scoops of Django to some of its worthy peers:

Two Scoops of Django 1.8 $39.95 for 531 pages (PDF)
High Performance Django $37.00 for 184 pages
Lightweight Django $33.99 for 246 pages
Django Design Patterns and Best Practices $35.99 for 222 pages

As you can see, on quantity alone, our book is a bargain. That said, we do not equate page count with quality. Our book stands up page-for-page with anything else out there. We've worked tirelessly to write the best book we could.

Why does it cost so much to ship internationally?

Some people have complained that compared to Amazon's shipping charges and speed, we don't do so well. In many nations, Amazon charges about $2.99 (or free) and the book arrives in 2-3 days. On the other hand, we charge $30 for shipping outside the US (Canada $20) and it can take up to ten days to arrive. 

We are very sorry, but we are not Amazon.

We do not have distribution centers around the world and simply do not sell enough to get a volume deal. We are just two python/django programmers with a writing passion. Our current shipping costs (not including our own labor):

US Priority Mail International (2.10 lbs) $32.16
Shipping materials (box, protective wrap) $3.00
What International Orders Pay $30.00
What We Pay Per International Order $5.16

You may notice that our total costs per internationally shipped book is $35.16, which is over $5 more than what we are charging most non-domestic customers. We're trying to reduce our shipping costs, and if we can get them below $30 we'll share those savings with new purchasers.

Is there a ebook/print bundle?

Yes! Save $24.95 by purchasing them together. For those who purchase the 'Early Release' PDF, you'll be given an equivalent discount on the print paperback.

Please note that the bundle discount only applies to purchasing both the PDF and print paperback from the Two Scoops Press Store. (If you're thinking of buying the paperback from Amazon instead, you may want to hold off to compare prices.)

I Bought Just the PDF, Can I Get a Discount on the Paperback?


If you bought the PDF from us, we're happy to extend an US$24.95 discount to you for the paperback. Please email us and include your name and order number. This is the same deal you get with the ebook/print bundle.

I Bought Just the Paperback from you, Can I Get a Discount on the PDF?


If you bought the paperback direct from us, we're happy to extend an US$24.95 discount to you for the paperback. Please email us and include your name and order number. This is the same deal you get with the ebook/print bundle.

I Bought the Paperback from Amazon, Can I Get a Discount on the PDF?

If you bought the book from Amazon, we can provide you a US$10 discount for the PDF. Please email us and attach the PDF invoice Amazon sent you.

What's the Deal with the Misprints?

Misprint copies receive a $10 discount. You can order just the paperback or the paperback/PDF combination.

The issues with the misprints are:

  • The text is aligned so that it is closer to the top than the bottom.
  • Some of the misprints have covers that are slightly off in color.
  • Some of the misprints have very light scuffing on their corners.

These aren't enough to make the book unusable or unattractive, but it's enough that we can't sell it at our normal price. Hence the $10 off the misprints.

I bought an earlier version, do I get a discount?

Apologies, but Two Scoops of Django helps funds all our open source work and Django Packages maintenance fees. By purchasing our book, you are helping us make the world of Python and Django a better place.

But I just bought the 1.6 book! That's not cool! What are you gonna do about that?

If you bought the 1.6 edition from after March 28, 2015, email us a PDF copy of your receipt and we'll send you a discount code. This offer expires on May 28th.

Will we have access to the code samples?

Yes. A copy of all the code samples are at

How different is the 1.8 edition from the 1.6 edition?

This is a significant update. We've added some chapters (Asynchronous Task Queues and Debugging), broken up a few of them, and did a lot of rewriting. On the other hand, there are places nearly untouched. Please see our change list.

I sent you an email about the book. Why haven't you responded?

We get overwhelming numbers of emails and have a hard time keeping up, sorry! You will get a faster response if you ask us on Twitter. If related to errors or improvements, please file an issue on GitHub.

Where do I submit ideas for new material?

Please submit suggestions to our issue tracker.

Where do I submit corrections?

Please submit corrections to our issue tracker.

What forms of payment can I use?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Can I purchase multiple copies of the ebook?

Yes. You can order multiple copies of Two Scoops of Django 1.8. Just set the quantity in the checkout phase. (Sorry, we don't offer site licenses for the ebook.)

We use the honor system. We're just a couple of authors who work late into the night trying to share our knowledge. If your company can afford to support our work, we trust them to purchase individual copies. Consider this an investment in each of the developers getting a copy and an investment in the future of our book.

Which versions of Python?

All of the code examples should work with either Python 2.7 or 3.4+. :)

Is this a tutorial?

No, this is a best practices reference book.

Any non-US Editions in the Works?

You can currently find Two Scoops of Django sold alternatively in:

  • India - Indians can purchase the PDF edition via Pothi. The print edition should be out in early October.
  • Korea - In the works is a Korean language translation.

If you are a tech publisher interested in translating Two Scoops of Django 1.8 from English, please contact us.

Can you add me to the mailing list?

Yes! Click here to sign up for the Two Scoops Press mailing list.