Write for Us

Have you written one or more books? Or do you have materials that you'd like to turn into a book?

At Roy Greenfeld, Inc. we can now publish your books under our publishing imprints. We accept submissions at hi <at> roygreenfeld (dot) com for:

Tech Books

Tech books to publish under the Two Scoops Press imprint:

Two Scoops Press Publishing Imprint

These books will receive cross-promotion with the Two Scoops of Django series, Django Crash Course, and future tech books that we publish.

Children's Books

Children's books to publish under the Fuzzy Rainbow imprint:

Fuzzy Rainbow Publishing Imprint

These books will receive cross-promotion with all our forthcoming children's books. We have a number of Fuzzy Rainbow books in the pipeline.

Other Books

Other books to publish under our other imprints, such as Impossible Hero Books for fantasy, science fiction, and graphic novels.

While we focus on tech, children's, fantasy, and poetry, we'll consider publishing any genre of book. More details to come.

Why Publish with Us?

At Roy Greenfeld, Inc. we take publishing very seriously and treat our authors as partners. We put our hearts into marketing, promoting, and selling our authors' books as if they were our own. As partners, we pay authors a generous 50% royalties for books published by us. In other words, we take what we receive for a book, subtract production costs, and split the net proceeds with you.

Big publishers typically pay 10% royalties, and they do little to market your book. With a big publisher, authors typically are responsible for bringing their own reader lists and online audiences. Royalties often come out to $1 a book after all that effort by the author to self-promote.

Our goal is to provide the quality and professionalism of a big publisher, plus the marketing, branding, sales, cross-promotion, and personal attention of a small publisher.