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Beyond Reality

The Abyssian Chronicles

A Fantasy Coming-of-Age Series

The Abyssian Chronicles are a 4-book dark fantasy series about Vorath, a teen who is forced to leave his home and family to become a soldier in the Abyssian army. He is sent to the front lines of a war against the evil necromancers of the Shadowlands.

Abyssia I: Shadowfall book cover

Abyssia I: Shadowfall

The first book in the series, Shadowfall, follows Vorath as he learns to survive in the harsh world of the Abyssian Empire. He must navigate the treacherous politics of the military, the brutality of the battlefield, and the dark magic of the necromancers.

Abyssia II: Frostfire book cover

Abyssia II: Frostfire

The second book in the series, Frostfire, follows Vorath as he is sent on a dangerous mission to the frozen wastelands of the north. He must face the horrors of the Shadowlands, the treachery of his enemies, and the darkness within himself.

Abyssia III: Embers book cover

Abyssia III: Gravethorn

Vorath is caught in the middle of a war between the gods, armed with truths he wishes he didn't know. As he struggles to protect his loved ones in a world torn apart by conflict, Vorath's too-gentle heart is put to the ultimate test. Will he have what it takes to survive in this epic tale of magic, betrayal, and sacrifice?

Abyssia IV: Ashes book cover

Abyssia IV: Fury's Blaze

As the Abyssian War nears its end, Vorath and his companions have dealt a crippling blow to the Dark Lord's forces. But the journey home is far from easy, as they must confront not only their enemy in a final, epic battle, but also their own nation, which is divided and uncertain. Vorath, torn between his duty and his compassion, must decide whether to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop darkness from consuming the world. This thrilling conclusion to the Abyssia series is filled with heart-pounding action, powerful themes, and unforgettable characters.