Our curated collection of the services and products we use and recommend.

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The "Shopify" of digital products

Got a digital product to sell, such as an ebook or Cookiecutter template? Get $30 in free SendOwl credits.

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Banking for startups

If you set up a Mercury bank account and deposit $10,000 in the first 90 days, we'll both earn $250.

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AI chatbot platform

Chat with LLM bots based on GPT-4, Claude 3, etc. Boost your productivity with the Feldroy bots, including our very own TwoScoopsOfDjangoBot.

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Octopus Energy Share

Renewable energy utility company

Renewable electricity for your home or business. Get £50 pound or $50 credit when you switch to Octopus Energy.

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UK SIM Cards

Our favorite UK SIM card because of the strong signal all over London. We use their £20/month 200GB plan. Get a £5 bonus with our link.

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Smarty works slightly better than 1pmobile when traveling outside the UK, but with slightly weaker coverage in London. We use their £12/month 125GB plan. Get a £10 bonus with our link.

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